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Start Up Now

Are you looking for new skill sets in self-development, leadership and technology?

Or would like to improve those skills? We invite you to join START UP NOW!

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Start Up Now! is our latest program in partnership with DIY Academy - an IT mentorship platform based in Yogyakarta. This partnership could be very beneficial for young adults who may have lost their job because of the COVID pandemic, who are looking for new skills to specialize in Information Technology, or for those who have just graduated from high school.

For this free program, we have created a curriculum that will provide you with insights and training from reliable global mentors supported by Nomads Giving Back (NGB) as well as local professional business men and women.


The seminars will include:

Personal Development (public speaking, critical thinking, leadership)

Website Development

Digital Marketing

Graphic Design

Video Editing

Access to a computer/laptop and internet is beneficial but not required.  The time commitment required is 2-3 hours per week for 3-months.

If you are interested in joining the program, please complete the application form

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