Stella’s Child has been supporting the youth of Bali for more than seven years. With years of experience and research, Stella’s Child has developed a formula for success through its programs to guide youth on a journey of self-discovery that enables them to achieve their dreams.  All of our various learning programs tie back to our core values: Empathy, Integrity, and Leadership. By emphasizing these values, we are able to influence the youth with the Stella’s Child culture, where they can discover these values that last a lifetime. 


By having these values, coupled with a keen and positive sense of self, we are creating a generation that is strong, open-minded, creative, humble, and ready to give back to their community. The youths that complete our programs are qualified and ready to take the lead to build a better future for themselves, their communities and for Bali. 

Stella's Child 2020 Impact Summary

Words from Our Founder: Tim Cameron

Goals and Dreams by Agustini (2016 Graduates)

Our Thank You note to our sponsor: Irish Aid

Values Driven Leadership

Goals and Dreams by Ester (2017 Graduates)

Sound of Silence, Community Action Projects

Stella's Child Guiding Principles (part 1)

Stella's Child Guiding Principles (part 3)

Our Activities with Volunteers

Entrepreneurship Program - Stella's Child

Stella's Child Guiding Principles (part 2)

Stella's Child Guiding Principles (part 4)

A visit by our supporter in 2019

The view from our business supporters

Stella's Child Introduction - 2019 Mano Event

Stella's Child Campaign

Business Spotlight - Potato Head

Goals and Dream by Devi (2019 Graduates)

Goals and Dream by Agus (2017 Graduates)

Stella's Child - Reimagine Education

Stella's Child - Introductory Story

Success Stories by Reti (2016 Graduates)

Goals and Dream by Peter (2019 Graduates)

Success stories by Yunus (2016 Graduates)

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