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Our natural body care collections are inspired by traditional and contemporary herbal wisdom and formulated with a deep appreciation for the healing potential of the natural world.

Our partnership with Ibu Bumi allows us to offer high-quality products that have a sustainable, environmentally friendly footprint. This partnership allows our kids from our product development department to come up with and develop new products, and then have them produced by Ibu Bumi. 

You can find some ideas for gift sets here, or personalize your set by emailing us. 

Ibu Bumi specializes in researching and developing ways of bringing back the traditional environmental-friendly methods our grandparents used. The “slow process”!

They are continually expanding to produce more eco-friendly and sustainable products. From produce bags, natural sponges, natural deodorants, hair shampoo bars, natural scrubbing brushes & pet shampoo! Originally, they would produce these eco-friendly only for themselves, as finding eco-friendly products in Bali was difficult. Today, IbuBumi offers a wide array of chemical-free and plastic-free household, pet and personal care products created to make your home and earth a healthier place. 


To check out more of what they are doing, go to their website here.

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