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What is Love Our Earth?

The Love Our Earth brand was developed by the youth in our flagship Entrepreneurship Program. The program was developed as a playground for the youth to practice their entrepreneurship skills in the real world.  The brand realized early success in its beachwear collection which was expanded in Year 2. In 2017 and 2018, the youth studied new business opportunities and launched a new collection, The Gods and Goddesses of Bali, to support the conference and event industry.

Major clients have included SOPHOS, Estee Lauder, and MAC Cosmetics. The brand is now being positioned as a viable for-profit commercial business to provide funding to Stella’s Child for ongoing program support as well as employment opportunities for program graduates. 

Love Our Earth has created a customizable line of bespoke gifts to meet any budget for your special event.

When you gift your friends and loved ones a gift from Love Our Earth you are creating a deep lasting connection.

By placing on order from Stella’s Child you will help open doors to experience & opportunities in business, to develop skills, stimulate creativity, and to provide a launchpad to success that these youth may otherwise not have access to.

As the youth continue their mentorship experiences as future managers of the brand, their vision includes:

•Utilization of earth-friendly materials to design and develop the product line to meet the custom needs of its customers.

•Creating economies for their local villages through employment opportunities.

•Provide a sustainable revenue stream to the Stella’s Child Foundation to provide future youth the same entrepreneurial training opportunities.

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Our Vision

Our Leadership Team

If you are looking to purchase our products as corporate gifts or event presents, we can include custom branding and logo integration. You can either create your own color scheme or choose one of ours. 

Corporate Branding & Customization

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Our Collections

beachwear collection



beachwear collection

We have multiple color options. For custom coloring, please contact Andre.



JIWA is an exciting card game suitable for all ages.  The players are in a race to farm 100 hectares of Bali rice fields but must resolve the hazards opponents may play to halt farming. 

Each game set includes instructions, rice field cards, hazard and resolution cards, and the special wild cards.  All beautifully packaged in a fabric pouch made from remnants of the signature Love Our Earth motif.  All you need to provide is the popcorn and drinks!


The game includes 4 wild cards inspired by the core values of Stella’s Child:  Empathy, Entrepreneurship, Creative Thinking, and Problem Solving.  Skills that, just like in real life, can help to resolve any hazards that might come your way.


Body care

Our natural body care collections are inspired by traditional and contemporary herbal wisdom and formulated with a deep appreciation for the healing potential of the natural world.

Our partnership with Ibu Bumi allows us to offer high-quality products that have a sustainable, environmentally friendly footprint. This partnership allows our kids from our product development department to come up with and develop new products, and then have them produced by Ibu Bumi. 

You can find some ideas for gift sets here, or personalize your set by emailing us. 

Ibu Bumi specializes in researching and developing ways of bringing back the traditional environmental-friendly methods our grandparents used. The “slow process”!

They are continually expanding to produce more eco-friendly and sustainable products. From produce bags, natural sponges, natural deodorants, hair shampoo bars, natural scrubbing brushes & pet shampoo! Originally, they would produce these eco-friendly only for themselves, as finding eco-friendly products in Bali was difficult. Today, IbuBumi offers a wide array of chemical-free and plastic-free household, pet and personal care products created to make your home and earth a healthier place. 


To check out more of what they are doing, go to their website here.

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