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The youths Stella's Child works with come from extremely poor families. Some are victims of violence or exploitation. Others have only one parent who, in desperation, sends their young child into the labor force to help put food on the table. Some have no family at all and are left alone to fend for themselves. These are intelligent, talented, and capable children who - by mere circumstance of birth - lack life's most fundamental opportunities.  


Our interconnected programs are united by the goal of supporting disadvantaged youths to secure gainful employment that will enable them to break their cycle of poverty.







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Entrepreneurship Program

Life Skills


Why We're Great >



Community Action 


Life Skills Training

Our core Life Skills Program helps children recognize their own dreams and potential. It enables them to turn their knowledge, outlook and values into skills, abilities and intelligence, which helps them succeed in entering the job market or finding further education opportunities.

The program provides children with essential training in financial literacy and budgeting, supports them with skills assessment activities, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and helps them grow their self-confidence and communication abilities.



Entrepreneurship Program

Our internationally recognized Entrepreneurship Program helps participants learn about business by doing business. The children themselves created a successful beachwear brand called Love Our Earth.


Working in divisions such as product design, marketing, sales, and administration, they are responsible for the day to day running of and success of the brand. They are supported by a network of volunteer entrepreneurs, visionaries and experts, who help them gain the fundamental knowledge, skills and tools to build and sustain a small business.



FirstEmploy Program

Our FirstEmploy Program is the point at which all of the skills acquired come to fruition. Finding a job in any culture is challenging, but is much harder for children from disadvantaged backgrounds without the means and expertise to navigate the job market.


We connect forward-thinking enterprises with access to the deep talent pool of our graduates, matching the newly developed skills of our program participants with the needs of these businesses.



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Stella’s Child is an approved nonprofit public charity under U.S. IRS code section 501(c)(3) (Tax ID# 46-2702648)

Yayasan Stella Anak is an approved charity by the Indonesia Ministry of Justice.  NPWP: 80.433.128.8-906.000

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