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Community Center Fundraiser

What is Stella's Child's Community Center all about?


Stella’s Child’s opened its first Centre for Youth Development at the beginning of 2016 – but owing to financial setbacks, we were forced to close our doors in November 2018.

This year, as a result of tremendous support efforts, Stella’s Child was positioned to flourish once again and opened an administrative office in one room of the founder's home. As a result of the dramatic changes in the Foundation’s strategic planning, community engagement, and financial standing, the Foundation has outgrown their one-room office and now occupies half the home.


Despite our joy with the revival of Stella’s Child, we have realized that our current space can no longer sustain our ever-growing needs. Based on the strong foothold already established within the community, the founder has decided to turn the entire property over to Stella’s Child, positioning the organization to re-launch the site as a Community Centre.


This is where your help is needed.

How will your contribution be used?

Stella’s Child will utilize the funds raised for key safety and security renovations as well as additional classroom and office space that will transform the property into a fully functional and inviting Community Centre.

What is the cost of the renovation? 

The total costs are estimated to be at 59,700,000 IDR. 

If the fundraising goal is exceeded, additional revenue will be used for technology upgrades and program supplies. This is a detailed budget of all work and equipment:

Detailed Budget.png

*To set up repeating donations, please email

Donations to Stella's Child can also be mailed to:


Stella's Child
2707 Adams Mill Road NW #507
Washington, DC 20009

We want to thank our contribution partner for excellent support and for helping us engage people!


(Coming soon) See your donations at work: Our before and after gallery!

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